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Granite Monument Pricing

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Please Note:

Pricing volatility is extremely high right now. Raw materials price increases are being announced nearly across the board on a daily basis for 2021, with some colors increasing in price up to 20%!!  This is the largest price increase we have seen in our industry in recent times.  Additionally, freight prices have skyrocketed and are forecast to continue to throughout 2021. Because of that, current published pricing sheets are null and void beginning on January 27th, 2021 and will be replaced with a new one once pricing in our industry has settled down to more predictable levels.  Another price hike was announced this week (June 20, 2021) (freight) and several more are expected August 1st, 2021 (material).

As a customer, we know this is not ideal when shopping for a monument.  For now, and likely throughout 2021 it is best to call us for pricing on any designs you see on our site or elsewhere.  Despite the current pricing volatility, our commitment to offering you the combination of the best quality and pricing has not changed and will not change while we work through these unpredictable market dynamics.

Do not be fooled by the gimmick of  "Free Lettering and Design" some companies employ as a tactic to entice customers to come in their door.  We believe in honesty and transparency, so we provide detailed line item quotes, so you see exactly what the costs are for the material, labor and other items and options.  We do not provide our customers with a "lump sum" quote which hides the details of your purchase.  Remember, in Oklahoma sales tax can only be added to hard tangible items which are considered "resale".  Labor is not taxable, so when you receive a "lump sum" quote or invoice, you are paying tax on the hidden labor costs (lettering and design) also.  We also provide every customer with an accuracte computer generated color mock-up during their initial visit to go along with their detailed line item quote, so they know exactly what they are being quoted.  We do not pencil sketch a generic monument design for you to go with your "lump sum" quote like so many other companies do. 


Many factors affect the final price of any monument including but not limited to:

  • Granite Color

  • Style of Content (laser, sandblasting, impact etching etc...)

  • Amount of Content (Front Only, Front and Back etc...)

  • Size of granite

  • Finish of Granite.  The more polished areas, the more costly.

  • Shape of Granite (The more cuts, the more costly)

  • Cemetery Fees and Foundation Requirements

Because of these factors, it is difficult to ascertain an exact price online or through a catalog.  This is why so many monument companies do not publish prices online.  Once the final design is determined, exact pricing can be determined then.  Because we know pricing is one of the most important elements when a customer is deciding on a monument, we are listing some of the most common styles in the most common colors.  This will hopefully give our potential customers a good idea how to budget for their stone.

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